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What is CommPlan?

A communications tool that assists you in keeping track of your
customers / contacts and interacting with them periodically... as and when you desire.


What does it contain?

It contains a variety of useful tools like Contact Manager, Scheduler, EmailID Grabber, Bulk Mailer and many more. Future enhancements will include SMS and Telecommunications.


What are the main features?
  • Create a comprehensive database of all your contacts.
  • Schedule Time and Date to send emails.
  • Organize history of sent and received mails from any contact.
  • Extract relevant e-mail ids from the net.
  • Lightning fast delivery of Bulk Mail.
  • Elegant e-mail designer to create attractive emails.
  • Mailboxes to organize emails.

CommPlan Advantage [top]

CommPlan has a built in world class bulk mailer for lightening fast emails.

  • Option to use your SMTP
  • Bypass your SMTP and use the recipient's SMTP
  • Multi threading and clustering for faster mails etc.
  With CommPlan you can create designer mail with animated text , fancy fonts unlike other bulk-mail software.
  The Email Grabber can grab all the email ids from the internet. These Email ids can be grabbed based on a keyword or a site URL.
  With a few clicks you can schedule CommPlan to send mails to groups (as configured by you) or individuals on specified dates and times.
  With a familiar interface and folders like Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items you are ready to start using CommPlan as a strong tool for growth.